Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of marine friendly swimming enclosures. We are a Perth-based company with an excellent track record in designing eco shark barriers in Australia and overseas.

About us

Company founder and director Craig Moss formed Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd with Leanne Moss from his love of the ocean and concern for providing a safe swimming environment for his young family. Craig designs, manufactures, installs, maintains and repairs eco shark barriers in Perth and abroad. He is an experienced diver, with a thorough understanding of the marine environment. Craig oversees a highly qualified team of divers and barrier technicians who assist with Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd's installations.

The creation of the eco shark barrier

After discovering that global shark mitigation measures had harmful effects on marine life and the environment, Craig designed the eco shark barrier to provide an ecological solution to the wider problem of shark attacks.

The original eco shark barrier was installed at Coogee Beach in the City of Cockburn in 2013 as part of a four month trial, which was extended into an ongoing contract that continues to draw thousands of visitors each year.

Evolution in design

The original design has been modified and upgraded into a new barrier to include improved resilience and durability, greater UV performance, less maintenance with an emphasis on sustainability. The barrier performs in a variety of marine environments and natural conditions and has the ability to withstand extreme pressure.