INSIDE NEWS: Eco shark barrier to be installed at Cottesloe Beach

The Eco Shark Barrier team will begin the installation of the fourth safe swimming enclosure at Cottesloe Beach on Tuesday 5 November.

Weather permitting, the barrier panels will be joined together on the beach. A diving crew will then tow sections of the barrier out to sea, where it will be secured to an anchor system along the seabed.

Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd Director Craig Moss says he is proud to be installing the world’s fourth eco shark barrier at Perth’s most iconic beach.

“It is an honour to install the eco shark barrier at Cottesloe Beach. I am always improving the barrier and its design, and the enclsoure at Cottesloe Beach is made from the latest in barrier technology”.

”I hope the community enjoys more peace of mind while swimming at Cottesloe Beach this season and for years to come”.

The area around the assembly and installation will be closed to the public for the duration of the installation.

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