Eco Shark Barrier Original

Created in 2012, the original eco shark barrier was the first product of its kind and remains in the water at Coogee and Sorrento Beaches. It is made from a strong, yet flexible nylon. It has been designed to endure high energy beaches.


The original eco shark barrier can be reinforced for strength if needed with plasma rope. The rope is threaded through the barrier at intervals and provides a breaking strain of three and a half tonnes at each placement.


The barrier is totally adaptable in depth, length and strength. It can be installed at any beach under any marine conditions. The flotation system can be removed if the barrier needs to be lowered for any reason.


Float – a distinctive feature of the original eco shark barrier are yellow floats, positioned between every cross connector module.

Cross connector module – this component forms the foundation of the original eco shark barrier. It is designed to interconnect, which allows barriers of any size and dimension to be constructed.

Joint components – heavy duty plastic rivets are inserted into every barrier connection, reinforcing the enclosure and its cross connectors. Male and female end connectors are positioned at the end of each cross connector module, allowing the eco shark barrier to be built to different widths and heights.

Anchor – a ground chain is secured to the seabed, providing additional weight and security to the swimming enclosure. At intervals, cross chains are secured and superray anchors are fastened at both ends to ensure a taut installation.

Updated design

The original eco shark barrier continues to demonstrate that it is a reliable and safe swimming enclosure. The original design has been updated to include a range of new features.