Eco Shark Barrier 2019

The eco shark barrier has been continuously updated, in response to environmental conditions and rigorous observations. Components have been modified for greater strength and longevity as well as ease of cleaning and repair.


Four way connectors – in the eco shark barrier 2019, the four way connectors are a solid unit for superior strength. Each connecting egg has a breaking strain of three tonnes. There are 14 connector eggs for every square metre of barrier, creating a 42 tonnes of breaking strain per square metre. The connectors are reinforced with stainless steel screws and polyethylene piping.

Superdan rope – this super strength rope runs horizontally and vertically throughout the entire barrier. It provides nine tonnes of breaking strain for every square metre of barrier.

Plasma rope – runs vertically throughout the barrier at intervals for greater strength. The rope provides an additional seven tonnes of breaking strain at each installation point.

Anchors – Each anchor system is independently and individually designed for every new installation, taking into consideration:

  • Unique currents
  • Tidal cycles
  • Sediment movement and erosion, and
  • Beach energy.

The anchor system is designed to overcompensate to make sure the barrier performs and remains in place in even the most extreme conditions.

Flotation – Dual polyurethane floats attach to the barrier at its top and secure it to the water’s surface. The strength of these floats is reinforced through their neutral buoyancy.