How it works

The eco shark barrier 2019 is comprised of a network of durable components. These work together to form an enclosure that is flexible enough to allow the passage of small marine life. It is also rigid enough to prevent the entry of large marine animals, including sharks and to withstand forces of nature.

A complete swimming enclosure

The eco shark barrier forms a complete enclosure, from seabed to surface. Its unique design creates a safe swimming area that blends into its surrounding environment.

Adaptable design

The barrier can be secured to a range of different surfaces including sandy seabeds, reefs and groynes. Each individual installation is independently certified and adapts to its unique environment. The barrier can be installed in shallow and deep waters.

Anchor system

Secured to the seabed, the barrier’s anchor system forms the structural foundation of the overall structure. Each barrier has a unique anchor system, which is independently certified and takes into consideration:

  • Unique currents
  • Tidal cycles
  • Sediment movement and erosion, and
  • Beach energy.

The anchor system is secured with multiple one-tonne concrete discs that run the entire length of the barrier.

Flotation system

Dual polyurethane floats attach to the barrier at its top and secure it to the water’s surface. The strength of these floats is reinforced through their neutral buoyancy.