Coogee Beach

“The City is most pleased that a Perth local product has proven to be a world class and viable shark mitigation device that does not harm sea life.”

Chris Beaton, Environment Manager, City of Cockburn.

In 2013, Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd installed Western Australia’s first marine friendly swimming enclosure at Coogee Beach. This was part of a self-funded four month trial with the City of Cockburn. Coogee Beach was an ideal trial site as the waters are relatively calm and it is a popular swimming destination.

The trial was an enormous success and the City of Cockburn extended it for another three years. The eco shark barrier at Coogee Beach is currently under a further five year contract. It continues to attract beachgoers from across Perth.

Installation details

The eco shark barrier at Coogee Beach is approximately 300 metres long and 75 metres wide and extends from the seabed to surface to create a complete safe swimming area.

Key design features

Safety – the eco shark barrier at Coogee Beach was designed to ensure that neither marine life nor swimmers could become entangled in it. This is because the hole size permits smaller marine creatures and seaweed to pass through, but not large marine creatures, including sharks.

Marine life friendly – a key feature of the eco shark barrier is its rigidity, which does not trap marine creatures.

Strength – each individual clip holding the eco shark barrier together contains a very high breaking strain. This gives the barrier strength to withstand harsh natural conditions and physical impact.

Durability and longevity – the eco shark barrier components have been rigorously tested and each has a lifespan of between five and ten years in the marine environment.