INSIDE NEWS: Cottesloe Mayor praises Eco Shark Barrier popularity

Town of Cottesloe Mayor Philip Angers has praised the Eco Shark Barrier's performance and installation at Cottesloe Beach as well as commending company Director Craig Moss.

In a letter to Craig, Mayor Angers has said that the eco shark barrier was responsible for increasing visitor numbers to the beach.

"The barrier has been highly successful in increasing and bringing back large numbers of swimmers who have not swum at our beach for several years. Beach front businesses have commented on their increased trade from the inflow of visitors" Mayor Angers said.

"The owner of the company, Craig Moss, has at all times been professional, helpful, friendly and reliable [and has] checked it at least once a week since installation" he said.

The barrier will remain in the water until 1 April 2020, and will be reinstalled in October.

INSIDE NEWS: Cottesloe eco shark barrier installation a success

The Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd team have successfully installed the swimming enclosure at Cottesloe Beach.

The 170 metre long enclosure was installed over three days, in beautiful clear conditions. Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd Director Craig Moss was pleased with the process and result.

"We were lucky to have good weather for the installation, which meant our team could easily assemble the panels on the beach before pulling them into the water ", Craig said.

"The enclosure at Cottesloe features the latest eco shark barrier design and technology. It has greater durability, larger breaking strain and better UV performance" he said.

The barrier will be seasonally installed between October and March each year.

INSIDE NEWS: Eco shark barrier to be installed at Cottesloe Beach

The Eco Shark Barrier team will begin the installation of the fourth safe swimming enclosure at Cottesloe Beach on Tuesday 5 November.

Weather permitting, the barrier panels will be joined together on the beach. A diving crew will then tow sections of the barrier out to sea, where it will be secured to an anchor system along the seabed.

Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd Director Craig Moss says he is proud to be installing the world's fourth eco shark barrier at Perth's most iconic beach.

"It is an honour to install the eco shark barrier at Cottesloe Beach. I am always improving the barrier and its design, and the enclsoure at Cottesloe Beach is made from the latest in barrier technology''.

''I hope the community enjoys more peace of mind while swimming at Cottesloe Beach this season and for years to come''.

The area around the assembly and installation will be closed to the public for the duration of the installation.

INSIDE NEWS: Coogee Beach eco shark barrier celebrates six years

The world's first eco shark barrier will celebrate six years in the water at Coogee Beach, in the City of Cockburn.

The popular barrier attracts thousands of visitors each year and has become a destination in itself.

The stunning surrounds of the Cockburn Sound, Coogee Beach Jetty and foreshore area and neighbouring Port Coogee, all provide an engaging backdrop for the original eco shark barrier.