Cottesloe Beach

A drone image of the eco shark barrier at Cottesloe Beach, with the iconic Indiana Tea Rooms in the background.

Installation details

The eco shark barrier at Cottesloe Beach is 170 metres long and extends about 140 metres from the shoreline out to sea. It will be seasonally installed between October and March each year. The barrier is attached to the groyne at its southern end.

The barrier provides a complete safe swimming enclosure from seabed to surface.

Environmental sustainability

  • The installation will take into consideration the fish habitat protection area
  • The barrier is made from 100% recycled materials
  • Barrier components are recyclable

Key design features

Less maintenance – The materials used gather less algal growth, which means less maintenance and strain on the barrier.

Superior strength – All connecting modules and cross connectors are far stronger than the original design, to withstand greater natural conditions and physical impact.

Improved resilience – The new two piece floats are smaller, but provide the same buoyancy, reducing the strain on the barrier.

Improved UV rating and sustainability – The barrier’s colour is grey or black, allowing for a high UV rating. This colour also means that the barrier can be constructed from recycled plastics.