Esperance Foreshore

James Street

Esperance Council voted to award Eco Shark Barrier a 5 year contract to build install and maintain the enclosure installed at James Street.

The barrier is 300 meters long and 80 meters wide from the shoreline out . Our barriers have been highly successful in other locations such as Coogee, Cottesloe as well as The Bahamas.

We look forward to our ongoing success with Esperance Council and community for many years to come.

The barrier will remain in the water on a full time basis, with regular maintenance checks ,like the other beaches Esperance has one of Eco Shark Barriers latest design and technology ,our barriers are cost effective with strength and durability.

Shark fears have become a reality in recent times and people are turning away from our beautiful beaches.

Eco Shark Barrier provide an environmental marine friendly solution to bring the community back to swimming and feeling safe.
Our barriers are firmly secured to the ocean floor,over time the enclosure will produce an underwater eco wall of small marine life.

We are glad Esperance community enjoys peace of mind while swimming this season and many more to follow .

Public feedback has been very supportive ,we welcome all feedback and Enquiries