INSIDE NEWS: Cottesloe Mayor praises Eco Shark Barrier popularity

Town of Cottesloe Mayor Philip Angers has praised the Eco Shark Barrier’s performance and installation at Cottesloe Beach as well as commending company Director Craig Moss.

In a letter to Craig, Mayor Angers has said that the eco shark barrier was responsible for increasing visitor numbers to the beach.

“The barrier has been highly successful in increasing and bringing back large numbers of swimmers who have not swum at our beach for several years. Beach front businesses have commented on their increased trade from the inflow of visitors” Mayor Angers said.

“The owner of the company, Craig Moss, has at all times been professional, helpful, friendly and reliable [and has] checked it at least once a week since installation” he said.

The barrier will remain in the water until 1 April 2020, and will be reinstalled in October.