About Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd 

Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd was formed in 2012 by Craig Moss, and his wife Leanne. Craig and his family have always been a beach going family, and enjoy boating as well. Craig and his wife, Leanne, found their children not wanting to go to the beach, because of the media reports about shark attacks and sightings.

It was a constant concern for Craig and Leanne, that the lifestyle they had so much enjoyed was now tainted with fear. If this is what their family were feeling, they felt there were probably other families that were experiencing a reluctance to go to the beach or venture into the water, too.

Craig and Leanne became more aware of the increase in shark attacks both in our country as well as internationally. Upon researching into this, they saw the damaging effects that the current shark nets were having on sharks as well as other marine life.

 The only relatively effective way to prevent shark attacks prior to Eco Shark Barrier was with shark nets, but the problem with shark nets is that they can kill indiscriminately. Other harmless marine life are trapped and killed.

Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd sought an innovation to provide an ecological solution to the wider problem of shark attacks, whilst protecting marine life as well as the environment.

The orginal concept design was made from recyled tyres. It was strong and ridged.This design was promising in the fact, it would save money, and in the process re-cycle many, thousands of old tyres. Tyres have been used in some parts of the world as artifical reefs. But the risk of leaching was not acceptable. 

The new design was staring Craig in the face. The double layer of tyres created a pattern that could not be ignored. This design was named the Star design because of its shape, and was still based on Craigs idea of interlocking modules to create a barrier that was totally adaptable.

Craig experimented with nylon, with various additives at varied amounts until he found the right one. It was extremely strong and flexible and could withstand the salt water enviroment.

With the new Star design and new materials, Eco Shark Barrier went into production in late 2013. 

With the support of the City of Cockburn, Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd began a four month trial of the barrier  at Coogee Beach in Western Australia ( December 2013 - April 2014). The barrier performed well- it remained intact and was resilient to sea conditions. There were no swimmer injuries, no marine life entrapment, no erosion, no seaweed bulid up and no issues with boats or other watercraft. In addition, the barrier received strong public support-94 percent of 500 survey respondents said the barrier provided them a safe swimming area and reduced the risk of a shark encounter.

Craig and Leanne were very lucky to have the support and guidance from many professionals in the marine industry. Together with this input and their own observations of the trial they identified some weakness with the Star design and knew they could improve on the original design.

A new and improved design was born the Cross design.The latest design has a new connection method that is stronger and more practical, to allow the modules to be fitted and disconnected with more ease. Connectors are also secured with nylon rivets, for extra security and strength.

 The surface area has been cut down, and ease of cleaning was kept in mind with the new design. Less surface area also means less area for growth as the barnacles etc,to weigh down the barrier and put more stress on the floats.

The barrier also has greater vertical expansion and contraction, so it readily adapts to the tidal changes. Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd has considered this a priority in the new barrier, as it will be staying in the water all year round. The floats have also been changed to give even more buoyancy and support to the barrier.

The Cross design model can be used without pylons, making it easier to install and easier to mantain leading to additional cost savings.

The new and improved Eco Shark Barrier was installed at Coogee Beach, Western.Australia, with the support of City of Cockburn in  November, 2014 This is a 3 year trial due to conclude in 2017. It is currently being enjoyed by all beach goers.

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