Frequently Asked Questions


Does it trap marine life? 

No. The Eco Shark Barrier has been designed not to do so. "Nets" are made from rope and are flimsy. When an animal swims into them, they get caught up, struggle to escape, and often results  in them entagling themselves and drowning.

The Eco Shark Barrier is not a "Net", it is a "Barrier". It is made from a strong, hard, but flexible plastic.The openings in the barrier measure at their widest point 30cm, any marine life within these measurements, can freely swim in and out of the barrier with no harm.Any animal larger than the openings will simply bounce off the barrier, think of it as a wall. We have seen Dolphins swimming along side the barrier , which demonstrates that they are aware of it and would lead us to believe that they can identify the structure with their sonar. To date there has been NO BY-CATCH.

Can it be installed in moderate to heavy surf/swells?

Yes. The Eco Shark Barrier has been designed to adapt to any conditions. Each module of the barrier has re-enforcement holes, which allow rope to be threaded through to strengthen the barrier. The ropes run over and through the barrier, at no time are there any free ropes to entangle any marine life.

Does it affect the sediment (shifting sands)? 

MP Rogers - Consulting engineers specialising in coastal,port and marine projects, found no significant changes to Coogee Beach Western Australia, in the 4 month long trial.

Can it be installed without Pylons?

Yes. The latest design has allowed the Eco shark barrier to be installed without pylons. 

How long does it last ?

If maintained the barrier can last up to 10 years.

Can it help people caught in rips ?

Yes it can. If someone is dragged out by a rip while swimming in the enclosure,and  they are able to grab onto the floats or any part of the barrier they can  pull themselves out of the rip, and await help.

Does it have any other uses ?

We have several enquiries for uses in the aquaculture industry as well as the marine rehabilitation centres. Which we are very excited about. 


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