The Product

Eco Shark Barrier

The Eco Shark barrier is made from a strong, flexible Nylon. That can last up to 10 years. It is a complete enclosed swimming area, from seabed to surface, from shoreline to shoreline.

The barrier has been designed to withstand high energy beaches, with allowances to add strength as required. The design allows a 6mm Plasma rope to be threaded through the barrier at 300mm intervals which has a breaking strain of 3 1/2 tonne at each rope placement.Spread across the barrier, produces an incredibly strong barrier.

The barrier is totally adaptable in depth, length and strength, allowing it to fit any beach in any conditions. The floats are removable- if for any reason the barrier needs to be lowered.

The barrier is a physical barrier, that is not reliant on any electronics , or look outs.

The barrier is also 100% recyclable, at the end of its life, it is cleaned and ground up and used to make new products.


 The Eco Shark Barrier is made up of five main components.

  • Float
  • Cross Connector Module
  • Rivets
  • Joint Connectors (Female Connector & Male Connector)
  • loop



 Cross Connector Module 


 The Cross Connector Module has been designed to interconnect, allowing for size customisation. Providing flexibility in length and height.




The rivets are inserted into every connection on the barrier. They serve as extra security.

rivets in barrier

Joint Components


Male and Female End Connectors

Different barrier widths and heights are achieved by using the Male or Female End Connector at the end of the Cross Connector Module.


A sealed blow moulded component is connected to the Cross Connector Modules through the Male/Female End Connector with 20mm 3 Strand SUPERDAN Rope. Floats are installed between every Cross Connector Module to create an even and sturdy barrier.


Loops connect the barrier to the lead chains.

Added Security



To increase strength of the barier a 6mm Plasma rope can be threaded through the barrier at 300mm intervals, and tied off. This gives the barrier a breaking strain of 3 1/2 tonne at each rope placement.Spread accross the barrier- that makes it extremely strong.

Moore and Pile


A Pilot Light and Reflective Markings may need to be installed, if pylons are to be used. A stud link ground chain is secured to the seabed as a weight. Cross chains are secured at intervals with Superray anchors at both ends to ensure a secure placement of the barrier. 

Final Result

A safe and shark-free swimming environment without unnecessary harm to marine life.


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